Don’t worry, the Indian cricket team is not involved in match-fixing

The recent allegations of match fixing involving some members of the Pakistani cricket team
have come as a shock to the cricketing fraternity and fans worldwide. Sports commentators are wondering whether the game of cricket has been permanently tainted by this scandal. Naturally, people are asking if this is an isolated incident or if Indian cricketers are also involved in match fixing. If you are one of those who are worried if Indian cricketers may be involved, let me put your mind at ease. The Indian cricketers cannot possibly be involved in match fixing. Typically, in match fixing, the bookie will ask you to throw the game — drop catches, bowl badly, score ducks — for a fat fee. But the Indian cricketers will be puzzled by such a request from the bookie. They will ask, why pay us a fee when we do it all the time for free 🙂

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