The last password you will have to remember

The number of passwords one needs to remember just keeps going up. My initial
solution of storing them in an encrypted file was obviously not very convenient. I used keypass for a while. But I wanted a solution that can be used from any browser. I found lastpass and it is just the perfect solution. It enters the user name and password in the browser fields and if autologin is enabled, also logs you in. The encrypted data (passwords and notes) is stored at and also on your computer. Encryption and decryption of passwords happens on your computer, either in the browser plugin (C++) or in Javascript.

Many sites require frequent passwords changes and it is a hassle to make up new ones. lastpass can generate passwords according to your complexity rules, fill the form and update the encrypted data. lastPass also helps find insecure passwords stored on your computer: you will be surprised to see how many you have. If you have to access lastpass from a public computer you can generate and carry a few one-time-passwords (OTP) ahead of time. There are many other useful features like account sharing etc.

All these features are available in the free version. The premium version costs 1$ a month, supports mobile devices and has a few more features. Check it out — all you need to remember is just one long complex password — the last password — that unlocks all you other complex ‘randomly’ generated passwords.

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