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Motorola Milestone Review

*Crystal Talk Setting:* Your choices are Normal, Clear, Crisp and Bright.
Let me see: Do I want the call to be Clear or Crisp? Or perhaps Bright?
They may have as well named them as “Try-and-see-if-you-like-this-1”,
“Try-and-see-if-you-like-this-2” etc. Too many choices will confuse the
user. Also, an explanation will help the user make the choice. Is one
better in noisy surroundings etc etc.

Dynamic Programming

Video lectures of MIT course 6-00Fall-2008 “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming” are available as part of open courseware. One of the topics is “Dynamic Programming” where the knapsack problem is discussed. The programming language used in the course is Python. I wish however that scala or haskell was used instead.

If you have to learn just one programming language

It is a very good idea to learn several programming languages. It makes you a better programmer. But if you want to devote all your energies to becoming a proficient and productive programmer and want to learn one powerful, freely available, high level general-purpose language (not domain specific), what would you choose?