Happy B’day Sachin. Great job entertaining millions. But please retire now

Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar. You have done a fantastic job entertaining millions over past 2 decades. But please retire now from all forms of the game — except IPL.

When it came to retirement of players like Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid it was an easier decision as their performance went down significantly from their ... read more

Don’t worry, the Indian cricket team is not involved in match-fixing

The recent allegations of match fixing involving some members of the Pakistani cricket team have come as a shock to the cricketing fraternity and fans worldwide. Sports commentators are wondering whether the game of cricket has been permanently tainted by this scandal. Naturally, people are asking if this is an isolated incident or if Indian ... read more

suck they india

What a sorry performance by the Indian cricket team. Suck they indeed.

Before the team left for Sri Lanka the main story was that Tendulkar needed 172 runs to surpass Brian Lara’s record in Test cricket (which probably was obtained in lot fewer tests). At the run rate Tendulkar is managing these days it will ... read more