McCain: how low can you get?

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I used to like McCain: war veteran and POW; has actual combat experience unlike Bush, Cheney who sent other people to war — and to their deaths. 8 years ago, I wish McCain was the nominee and even the president.

But not after reading McCain’s recent comments. An excerpt from the nytimes article:

In the clearest indication yet of how he intends to confront Senator Barack Obama on foreign policy issues in the general election, Senator John McCain on Friday again portrayed the Democratic contender as being the favorite of Hamas, the militant Palestinian group, and implied that he would also be friendly with Iran, a Hamas ally.

That’s below the belt and may be a sign of desperation: this reminds me of Bush’s “wolf ad” during the 2004 election. It is possible that Obama may be the ‘favorite’ (whatever that means) of Osama Bin Laden but that doesn’t mean Obama will be friendly with Al Queda. One cannot go through life making new enemies and going to war with all of them.  Nuking Iran is not the answer. Georges Santayana said “Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.” Haven’t we learnt anything from the Iraq debacle?

I hope McCain and Obama (or Clinton) run a clean campaign and win the election the old-fashioned way — earn it!

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