Apr 042009

I worked for many years at Sun and am sad to see that it is being gobbled up by IBM for under 7 billion. The writing was on the wall for many years and in a sense was inevitable. IBM will take the parts that make sense and discard the rest. This will be the ... read more

Jun 192008
On June 2, the company said it would record an $891 million charge to change the name of FedEx Kinko’s stores to FedEx Office.

Close to a billion dollars to change the name? Amazing! Sounds better when they put it as

asset-impairment charge tied to the decision to minimize the use of the Kinko’s name
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Jun 162008

I was shocked to learn that Tim Russert (58) died of heart attack on Fri. I used to watch his program when I was in the US and enjoyed his interviews. May his soul rest in peace. I didn’t know that he had coronary heart disease.

<p>The media fraternity of USA lies shocked with the news of the sudden death of Tim Russert, NBC’s beloved correspondent, the longest-serving moderator of “Meet The Press” and host of the self titled CNBC’s weekend interview show “Tim Russert”.</p>

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the US ... read more