What was she thinking?

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Like many others, I was shocked to hear Hillary Clinton mention RFK’s assasination when asked why she is still in the race. I don’t think such a remark can be justified: it is beyond spin repair. This will come to hurt and haunt her. In my opinion, any chance of a VP slot is gone. If she was looking for an exit strategy — and not just from this election but future ones too — she has one now.

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton Raises the Specter of the Unspeakable

Smart candidates don’t invoke the possibility of their opponents being killed. This seems so obvious it shouldn’t need to be said, but apparently, it needs to be said.
There are taboos in presidential politics, and this is one of the biggest. To raise the specter of a rival’s assassination, even unintentionally, is to make a truly terrible thing real. It sounds like one might be waiting for a terrible thing to happen, even if one isn’t. It sounds almost like wishful thinking.

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