Moonbeam is back

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I am a fan of Jerry Brown. I came to know of Jerry Brown when he ran for
Mayor of Oakland, CA in the late nineties.
How many people will apply for the job of Mayor of a city after they
have served as Governor of the State? Jerry was the Governor of
California for 2 terms (1975 to 1983). Oakland was known as the murder
capital of California. He did a lot for Oakland in the 8 years he was the Mayor — schools, businesses and arts. He is passionate about public service and is a person who can get things done.

I was happy to hear that he has defeated Meg Whitman — of ebay fame who spent 160 million dollars of her own money on the campaign — to become the next Governor of California. Due to term limits, one can be a Governor only for 2 terms. However, as Jerry was Governor prior to the passage of the term limits bill, it doesn’t apply to him. He has the distinction of being the youngest and oldest (when he takes office next year) Governor of California.

The Golden State is in a bad shape and I hope Jerry Brown can turn things around. Congratulations Jerry!

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