Google Maps: We cater to your delusions

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In today’s news:

While China continues to claim Arunachal Pradesh as its own, technology giant Google seems to have decided to take a line to please both Beijing and New Delhi.

On the Google Maps site localised for users in China (, Arunachal Pradesh appears as part of China. On the site for users in India (http://, Arunachal appears in the way India sees it — as an integral part of India. And for users in other parts of the world, the site shows Arunachal Pradesh as a “disputed region”, like Kashmir.

Google, which has massive stakes in both India and China, has clarified that it is its “standard practice” to depict any country’s official position on Google’s localized domains for that country.

If Russia feels that it got a raw deal in selling Alaska to USA for a pittance, and wants it back, they can have have it. Just tell Google that it belongs to you and if there is lot of money to be made in your country, Google will oblige. 🙂

China claims Taiwan as one of its provinces. People in Taiwan say that it is an independent country. Google says: “Both are correct 🙂 and let’s do some business”

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