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Laws of physics vs Laws of man: speed breakers

The laws of physics are more powerful than the laws of man — and more painful too. You won’t find many speed limit signs on the Indian roads, and even if you do, drivers just ignore them. So, what is the solution? Speed breakers: big ones and if you drive fast over them, they can ... read more

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Google Web Toolkit

Java didn’t make it big on browsers. Javascript (no relationship with Java) is the defacto standard that all browsers support.

Javascript is an interpreted, dynamic typed language with powerful features not available in mainstream languages: functions are first class (they can be passed around like any other object); it has associative arrays and closures. However, ... read more

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scratch is fun

Logo language from MIT introduced programming to children and people without a background in software programming — but you still had to type all the commands. Scratch from MIT is the evolution of that concept but with a visual programming paradigm: you drag and drop blocks and construct the program logic. Blocks have sprockets which ... read more

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