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Javascript problem — and its many solutions

As most of us know, there are several problems/quirks/flaws with Javascript and this is known as the Javascript problem. However, like it or not, as long as we use browsers, we need Javascript.

So, what is the solution?

Pick your favorite language (hope it is not Javascript!) and hope that there is a transpiler ... read more

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Java: No Hosting for you

For under $10 a month, my (shared) hosting provider Dreamhost provides 500 GB disk space, 5 Terabytes bandwidth, full unix shell, wordpress, phpBB, mediawiki, joomla, gallery, webdav, rails, quicktime streaming, real audio and video, email, spamassasin and a lot more. Disk space quota and bandwidth increase weekly by 2 GB and 40 GB respectively. But ... read more

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