Outsourcing justice — the Mumbai attacks

Companies all over the world turn to India when they need to outsource business processes or call centers or even cutting edge technical work. We are good at this kind of work.

However, when it comes to kicking butt (literally), we are not good. Let’s admit it. After all, we have too much of Gandhi’s — show the other cheek — blood coursing through our veins to be good in this department. All we can do is to wipe the blood off the counters/stalls/rooms, reopen the shop or hotel in a few days and declare to the terrorists

“By opening the shop for business we are showing that you have not won and we have won”

Pathetic. And repeat the process a few weeks later. We have become good at wiping blood.
We should take a cue from the Kuwaiti ‘rulers’, who were shocked when Iraq invaded their country and promptly declared

“We will fight Iraq till the last American”

Let’s outsource justice to countries like USA and Israel who are good at it. There have been some Israeli and US casualties in the Mumbai attacks and so it will be easier for India to outsource our justice to them. After the 9/11 attacks, Bush declared

“You can run but you cannot hide. We will find out who was responsible for these attacks and we will hunt you down wherever you are”

Why didn’t Manmohan Singh make such a strong statement? Calmly reading a prepared speech in a high-pitched voice is hardly reassuring. Where is the outrage?

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