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Not so Uber security

I am a happy customer of Ola. I decided to try Uber. I installed the Uber app on my wife’s Android mobile and tried to register with her email address and got the message “Email address already in use“. I don’t recall registering with Uber and thought that my wife had done so. ... read more

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Javascript problem — and its many solutions

As most of us know, there are several problems/quirks/flaws with Javascript and this is known as the Javascript problem. However, like it or not, as long as we use browsers, we need Javascript.

So, what is the solution?

Pick your favorite language (hope it is not Javascript!) and hope that there is a transpiler ... read more

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Frequent password changes — good or bad?

I read an article titled Frequent password changes are the enemy of security which I find misleading and missing the point.

In this article, Carnegie Mellon University professor Lorrie Cranor, who became chief technologist at FTC challenges FTC’s advice

FTC’s advice: Encourage your loved ones to change passwords often, making them long, strong, and unique.

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A picture is worth more than 140 characters

Tweets cannot be longer than 140 characters. This may look like a severe restriction because when we compose a tweet, it typically exceeds this limit. But now the rewriting fun begins — we find that with some effort we can make our tweet more succinct. This is an iterative process and takes time, as Pascal ... read more

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