Aug 302016

As most of us know, there are several problems/quirks/flaws with Javascript and this is known as the Javascript problem. However, like it or not, as long as we use browsers, we need Javascript.

So, what is the solution?

Pick your favorite language (hope it is not Javascript!) and hope that there is a transpiler ... read more

Apr 112009

An year ago, I had written an article titled Java: No Hosting for you, where I had mentioned that most shared-hosting providers don’t allow server side Java (Java Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, EJB, J2EE). You have to use php, perl, ruby or python. Now Google has come to the rescue by adding another language to ... read more

Apr 052008

Java didn’t make it big on browsers. Javascript (no relationship with Java) is the defacto standard that all browsers support.

Javascript is an interpreted, dynamic typed language with powerful features not available in mainstream languages: functions are first class (they can be passed around like any other object); it has associative arrays and closures. However, ... read more