Jun 162008

Craig Ferguson: “Hey, you know what happened today? Barack Obama put his birth certificate online to fight rumors he wasn’t born in the US. … John McCain will put his birth certificate online too, as soon as he figures out how to upload a stone tablet.” 🙂 ... read more

May 242008

Like many others, I was shocked to hear Hillary Clinton mention RFK’s assasination when asked why she is still in the race. I don’t think such a remark can be justified: it is beyond spin repair. This will come to hurt and haunt her. In my opinion, any chance of a VP slot is gone. ... read more

May 182008

I don’t think McCain can last 2 terms as this is a high stress job. If he becomes president, he will be the oldest at 72.

I was surprised to find out that McCain himself has said that he might not seek reelection:

If I said I was running for eight years, I’m not sure
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