May 182008

I don’t think McCain can last 2 terms as this is a high stress job. If he becomes president, he will be the oldest at 72.

I was surprised to find out that McCain himself has said that he might not seek reelection:

If I said I was running for eight years, I’m not sure
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May 142008

Hillary states that since 1916, no Democrat has won the presidenial nomination without winning West Virginia. Imagine, if McCain says when campaigning against Obama or Clintion, “No black man has ever won the Presidency!” or “No woman has ever been elected President of USA!”. Ofcourse, he won’t say that.

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May 042008

A while back, the sharp increase in the price of oil was attributed to the increase in demand from China and India. The sharp increase in the price of other commodities (iron, copper etc) was also similarly attributed. No one complained much as this implied strong growth in the economies of China and India: a ... read more