Sep 252016

If you love functional programming and want to write native cross-platform mobile apps (Android, iOS and even Windows Phone) and you know F#, you are set. The company that made this happen was Xamarin.

For more info on Xamarin, read my blog article titled Monkey business — write once, deploy on iOS, Android and ... read more

Oct 132015

Elliptic Curve Cryptography: computing shared key

If Alice and Bob want to exchange encrypted messages, they need to first agree on a Key. This shared key (also known as symmetric key) will be used to by both parties to encrypt messages. There are many ways of arriving at the shared key (including the old fashioned ... read more

Mar 232014

Microsoft and Nokia missed the boat on tablets and smartphones. Microsoft’s Surface RT tablets were priced very high, and there were not many takers, with the result that Microsoft wrote off 900 million dollars as inventory adjustment. Nokia Lumia line with Windows Phone OS has been well received. Microsoft has bought Nokia’s struggling phone business. ... read more