Feb 092014

If you work in the computer security area, it is like drinking from the fire hose, what with the daily revelations about snooping and spying by the NSA. So much to talk, write and discuss. Comedians (and their writers) get excited when interesting politicians become newsmakers, as it makes their jobs much easier and more ... read more

Sep 012013

There are helluva lot more Consumers when compared to Producers, which is to be expected. For consuming content — youtube videos, movies, music, news etc, an ipad, android or windows tablet will suffice; keyboard input will be minimal and so a virtual keyboard will do.Voice input is also an option but has restrictions as it ... read more

Feb 032013

Problem: Women in India go out at night, get assaulted.

Solution: Women shouldn’t go out at night, shouldn’t wear lipstick, shouldn’t wear revealing clothes — where the observer decides whether it is revealing or not. Reminds me of Justice Potter’s remark “I know it when I see it” regarding pornography.

Problem: A ... read more