Babu Srinivasan

I am interested in software, music, cryptography, security, general aviation, soaring, politics and more. I am currently located in Bangalore, India.

Apr 082008

Why is audio feedback required when you lock/unlock your car with remote? After all, you have to be within wireless range of your car and therefore isn’t visual confirmation (blinking lights) enough? Most of these gadgets do provide visual confirmation in addition to the annoying audio beeps. The visual feedback is superior to the audio ... read more

Apr 072008

Traffic jams are bad in both San Jose and Bangalore (or any major city in India). The difference is that in San Jose it is not accompanied with noise pollution.

The way the system works in India, honking is a necessary evil. You have the most absent-minded, trustworthy and fatalistic pedestrians here: they just assume ... read more

Apr 052008

Java didn’t make it big on browsers. Javascript (no relationship with Java) is the defacto standard that all browsers support.

Javascript is an interpreted, dynamic typed language with powerful features not available in mainstream languages: functions are first class (they can be passed around like any other object); it has associative arrays and closures. However, ... read more